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Painkiller Jane (2007)

Painkiller Jane is a fantasy TV series directed by Gil Grant and starring , , , , , limited streaming on Hoopla across the United States. The TV-Series has an average runtime of 37 minutes for each episode and gets a user rating of 36%, compiled from IMDB feedback from 419 experienced viewers, and was first shown in April .

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Painkiller Jane TV-Series Official Trailer

Excited to watch Painkiller Jane on Hoopla? Check out the official trailers and clips here:

How Many Seasons and Episodes of Painkiller Jane?

Painkiller Jane TV-Series has only one season and a total of 22 episodes. The series has gained a solid fan base for its storytelling, and brilliant performances.

Painkiller Jane Latest Episodes

  • Season 1 Episode 22 - Endgame
  • Season 1 Episode 21 - Reflections
  • Season 1 Episode 20 - The Beast of Bolnar
  • Season 1 Episode 19 - What Lies Beneath
  • Season 1 Episode 18 - Jane 113
  • Season 1 Episode 17 - Playback

What is the Painkiller Jane TV-Series 2007 Storyline?

The world faces an unprecedented crisis when an experimental biochemical weapon accidentally infects a young woman named Jane Vasco, forever altering her physiology. This is the thrilling saga of "Painkiller Jane."

Jane Vasco, portrayed by Kristanna Loken, is a tough DEA agent with a liking for danger and an unyielding commitment to her job. However, her life takes a surreal turn when she becomes the victim of a top-secret government experiment gone awry. Infected with a mysterious "Neuro," a biochemical agent that grants her superhuman regenerative abilities, Jane becomes virtually unkillable.

With newly discovered powers, Jane is enlisted by a covert government agency known as the "Neuros," dedicated to containing and controlling those affected by the Neuro agent. As she reluctantly joins their ranks, Jane adopts the codename "Painkiller" for her unparalleled ability to withstand extreme injuries and heal instantly. Her mission: track down others like her, known as "Neuros," who may pose a threat to humanity.

As Painkiller Jane get throughs a world teeming with superhuman threats, she deals with the moral challenges of her newly discovered abilities. Her journey is marked by action-packed battles against malevolent Neuros who misuse their powers. Alongside her team, including her mysterious handler Andre McBride, portrayed by Rob Stewart, and tech genius Riley Jensen, portrayed by Noah Danby, Jane works to bring these rogue Neuros to justice.

In each episode, Jane faces her own past and the mysterious origins of the Neuro agent. She also shows the challenges of her relationships, forming both partnerships and competitions within the Neuros organization. Jane's strength and unwavering sense of justice make her a powerful and famous heroine.

Where to Stream & Watch Online Painkiller Jane TV-Series?

The action, adventure, fantasy and sci-fi TV-Series Painkiller Jane is an English-language show.

For users who like watching online, Painkiller Jane is available for purchase or rental on streaming websites like iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.

It is recommended to check the streaming websites' list provided above for the new streaming series service options on where to watch Painkiller Jane.

If you favor to binge-watch the entire show or each episode apart, you have several options to enjoy the fantasy and imagination world of Painkiller Jane TV-Series.

Best TV Shows to Watch on Hoopla in 2007

"Painkiller Jane" is an amazing mix of action, adventure, fantasy, and science fiction. It explores themes of identity, morality, and the consequences of wielding outstanding power. Jane Vasco's journey as Painkiller Jane is a thrilling and emotional journey, as she evolves from a skilled DEA agent into an unstoppable force for good, determined to protect a world that fears and misunderstands her abilities.

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