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Coroner (2019)

Coroner is a crime TV series directed by Morwyn Brebner and starring , , , , exclusively offered on Foxtel Now all over the Canada. The TV-Show has an average runtime of 32 minutes for each episode and gets a user rating of 70%, based on IMDB reviews from 182 fan users, and was first released in January .

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Coroner TV-Series Trailers and Clips

Excited to watch Coroner on Foxtel Now? Check out the trailers and clips here:

How Many Seasons and Episodes of Coroner?

Coroner TV-Series has four seasons and a total of 38 episodes. Season one has 8 episodes, season two has 8 episodes, season three has 10 episodes, and season four has 12 episodes. The show has gained a big fan base and continues to fascinate audiences with its interesting storyline and well-known characters.

Coroner Latest Episodes

  • Season 4 Episode 12
  • Season 4 Episode 11
  • Season 4 Episode 10 - Safe Space
  • Season 4 Episode 9 - Our Home on Native Land
  • Season 4 Episode 8 - LJND
  • Season 4 Episode 7 - True Crime

What is the Coroner TV-Series 2019 Storyline?

Coroner is a TV series that follows the life of Dr. Jenny Cooper, a recently widowed coroner who has just taken on the role in Toronto. Driven by a tragic event in her personal life, Jenny is determined to find the truth behind each death she investigates. With her compassionate and determined nature, she get throughs through complex cases, discovering the hidden truths and seeking justice for the deceased.

Jenny's unique approach often puts her at odds with her superiors and colleagues, but her commitment and commitment to her work ultimately earn her respect. Alongside her team, including her assistant River Baitz and detective Donovan McAvoy, Jenny shows the darkest corners of the human experience, discovering the mysteries surrounding each death.

Where to Stream and Watch Coroner TV-Show Online?

The crime, drama and mystery TV-Series Coroner is an English-language series produced by Back Alley Film Productions, Cineflix Productions and Muse Entertainment.

No subscription is needed! Enjoy watching Coroner TV-Show with free streaming on 9Now, CBC Gem, Sixplay. Grab your favorite snack, hit play, and let the cinematic magic begin.

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For users who like to watch the series offline, Coroner is also available on popular streaming providers like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix so, they can watch the show anytime, anywhere.

It's always a good idea to check the streaming providers' list mentioned above for the best streaming series service options on where to watch Coroner.

If your choice is to stream the whole series or each episode separately, you are in for a fascinating crime series that will keep you stuck to your TV from beginning to end.

Best TV Shows to Watch on Foxtel Now in 2019

As the series progresses, Jenny's personal journey intertwines with her professional life, as she deals with her own grief and seeks closure. Coroner explores themes of loss, strength, and the challenges of the human psyche, all while discovering the truth behind each case.

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