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A Time Called You (2023)

A Time Called You is a mystery TV series directed by Choi Hyo-bi and starring , , , , , , exclusively available only on Netflix all over the North Korea. The TV Series has an average runtime of 38 min for each episode and received a user score of 81%, compiled from IMDB feedback from 11 fan viewers, and was first released in September .

Watch A Time Called You TV Series Online

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A Time Called You TV Series Official Trailer

Before you watch A Time Called You on Netflix, check out the available trailers and video clips here:

How Many Seasons and Episodes of A Time Called You?

A Time Called You TV Series has only one season and a total of 12 episodes. Since the show first premiered has become a popular and long-running series, fascinating audiences with its storylines and talented cast.

A Time Called You Latest Episodes

  • Season 1 Episode 12
  • Season 1 Episode 11
  • Season 1 Episode 10
  • Season 1 Episode 9
  • Season 1 Episode 8
  • Season 1 Episode 7

What is the A Time Called You TV-Series 2023 Plot?

"A Time Called You" is a mesmerizing drama-mystery TV series that takes viewers on an fascinating trip through time and love. When a woman overwhelmed by grief finds herself magically transported to 1998, she meets a man who bears an uncanny resemblance to her lost love.

The series finds with the story of Rachel, a young woman dealing with the tragic loss of her much-loved partner in the present day. Consumed by sorrow and yearning for a chance to relive their moments together, Rachel experiences a supernatural twist of fate.

One ordinary evening, she mysteriously slips through time, finding herself in the bustling streets of 1998, a world she thought existed only in memories. As she get throughs the unfamiliar past, Rachel is astounded to meet Daniel, a man whose striking likeness to her late love leaves her stunned.

"A Time Called You" explores the intricacies of time and fate as Rachel becomes caught up in the lives of people from the past who hold connections to her own life. Each episode explores the secrets of the era and the mysteries surrounding the mysterious Daniel.

As Rachel starts on a quest to understand the supernatural forces at play, she discovers that the past is far from static. It's a place where memories, choices, and destinies are caught up, and where every action reverberates through time.

The series beautifully shows the core of two eras, juxtaposing the technological limitations of 1998 with the modern challenges of the present day. It shows themes of love, loss, and the lasting power of human connection that goes beyond time.

Viewers are taken on an emotional journey as they follow Rachel's trip to find the truth behind her temporal displacement and the uncanny connection between her late love and Daniel. The series masterfully mixs elements of mystery, romance, and the supernatural, keeping audiences fascinated with each discovery.

Where to Stream & Watch A Time Called You TV Series Online?

The drama and mystery TV Series A Time Called You is a Korean-language series produced by Lian Contents, npio Entertainment and Studio Flow and it has an original title of 너의 시간 속으로.

For users who like to own the series, A Time Called You is available for purchase on streaming providers like iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu and you can also buy it from online retailers such as Amazon.

it's recommended to check out the streaming providers' list provided above for the new streaming series service options on where to watch A Time Called You.

Whether you like to stream the entire series or each season separately, you have several options to enjoy the mystery and secret world of A Time Called You TV-Series.

What else can I watch on Netflix besides A Time Called You series?

In the end, "A Time Called You" is a touching exploration of the universal themes of love and longing. It's a testament to the lasting belief that love can transcend time and shape the destinies of the present and future.

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