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Come Dance with Me
TMDB IMDB 5 (200)

Come Dance with Me (2022)

TMDB IMDB 5 (200)
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Plot and Storyline

In the series, exceptionally talented young dancers from across the country will invite one inspirational, and untrained, family member or other adult who has supported their dance dreams, to become their dance partner for a chance to strut their stuff for a grand prize. Each week, these aspiring kids will share their love of dance with their mother, father, grandparent or other hero on an uplifting and emotional journey to learn and perform challenging routines, with the assistance of professional choreographers, in a competition with other duos.

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Come Dance with Me TV series starring by Dexter Mayfield, Jenna Dewan, Philip Lawrence, Tricia Miranda. You can stream, rent, buy and watch Come Dance with Me tv show online on the most popular streaming services providers such as TubiTV, Tru TV, TBS, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, and Apple iTunes. But some people always like to download their favorite tvshows to keep it for watching later, the best streaming services to download Come Dance with Me online are Vudu, Microsoft Store, Redbox, and DIRECTV.

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