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Room 203 (2022)

Room 203 is a horror movie directed by Ben Jagger and starring , , , available exclusively on Apple iTunes within the United States. The movie has a runtime of 1 hr 30 min and gets a score of 42%, based on IMDB reviews from 513 experienced viewers, and was first shown in April .

Watch Room 203 Movie Online

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Watch Room 203 in United States on Apple iTunes for a thrilling horror storyline, Apple iTunes is the top choice for watching "Room 203" because it offers great features and seamless playback.

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Room 203 Trailers and Clips

Before you watch Room 203 on Apple iTunes, check out the available trailers and video clips here.

What is the Plot for Room 203 Movie 2022?

"Room 203" is an amazing horror film that takes place in a mysterious, century-old apartment building. Released in 2022, the movie follows the terrifying experiences of two young female roommates, Mia and Emily.

Mia and Emily, desperate to find affordable housing in the city, stumble upon a gothic-style apartment building with an interesting history. Drawn to its charm, they decide to rent Room 203, unaware of the malevolent forces that reside within.

As they settle into their new home, strange occurrences begin to uncover. Unexplained whispers echo through the halls, and unsettling shadows lurk within the apartment. Mia and Emily initially dismiss these incidents as mere coincidences, but as the days pass, the supernatural activity intensifies.

One evening, while exploring the gothic building's history, the roommates learn about an ornate centerpiece that mysteriously vanished years ago. It is said that this centerpiece kept a dark secret, and its absence has left the spirits trapped within the walls, seeking revenge.

Terrified and determined to find the truth, Mia and Emily show the building's past, unearthing a tale of betrayal, tragedy, and lingering anguish. They realize that the spirits trapped within Room 203 are desperate to communicate their pain, seeking justice and closure.

As the malevolent forces grow more aggressive, Mia and Emily find themselves in a race against time. With the help of a paranormal investigator, they find the key to appeasing the vengeful spirits and restoring balance to the apartment.

Room 203 becomes a battleground between the living and the dead, as Mia and Emily face their deepest fears and fight to survive. Through their courage and resolve, they discover a powerful connection with the spirits, learning that forgiveness and compassion can break the cycle of darkness.

Where to Stream & Watch Online Room 203 Movie?

The horror movie Room 203 is an English-language movie.

For those who like streaming services, Room 203 is also available on popular platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix so, they can watch the movie anytime, anywhere.

It is recommended to check the platforms' list provided above for the most up-to-date streaming movies service on where to watch Room 203.

Whether you prefer to stream the movie or download it, you have several options to enjoy the horror and fear world of Room 203 movie.

What else can be watched on Apple iTunes besides Room 203 movie?

"Room 203" is a bone-scary horror film that explores the challenges of the human spirit and the lasting power of redemption. It will leave audiences on the edge of their seats, questioning the boundaries between the physical and spiritual worlds.

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