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Willy the Sparrow
TMDB IMDB 6.5 (11)

Willy the Sparrow (1988)

TMDB IMDB 6.5 (11)
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Plot and Storyline

What would it feel like to be a bird and fly over the trees and housetops? A boy named Willy finds out when the Sparrow Guardian turns him into a Sparrow for shooting a BB gun at the little birds. Suddenly, Willy’s own cat thinks of him as lunch but, luckily, some new sparrow friends rush to Willy’s rescue. They deliver him to a grandfatherly old bird named Cipur who takes Willy under his wing, teaches him how to fly, and so much more. In return, Willy fulfills Cipur’s lifelong dream for knowledge by teaching him ow to read. Willy’s new friendship helps him understand that all creatures have feelings and deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. Before Willy is turned back into a boy, he leads the sparrows in a brave but perilous plan to retake their home in the barn from Blacky the cat. Finally, the Sparrow Guardian offers Willy a very special opportunity.

Where to Stream and Watch Online Willy the Sparrow Movie?

Willy the Sparrow movie directed by József Gémes and starring by András Komlós, Antal Farkas, Eszter Kárász with 76 min runtime. You can stream, rent, buy and watch Willy the Sparrow online on the most popular streaming services providers such as TubiTV, Tru TV, TBS, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, and Apple iTunes. But some people always like to download their favorite movies to keep it for watching later, the best streaming services to download Willy the Sparrow online are Vudu, Microsoft Store, Redbox, and DIRECTV.

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