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Slow Light
TMDB IMDB 3.6 (1416)

Slow Light (2022)

TMDB IMDB 3.6 (1416)
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Plot and Storyline

A story of a man with a very dense eyes who sees all the surrounding reality only after seven years. The consequence of the eye defect translates into the mental immaturity of the man, lack of understanding of the present and belated reflections on long-gone facts. The man is never mature enough for his age and constantly lingers on the past.

Where to Stream and Watch Online Slow Light Movie?

Slow Light movie directed by Katarzyna Kijek and with 11 min runtime. You can stream, rent, buy and watch Slow Light online on the most popular streaming services providers such as TubiTV, Tru TV, TBS, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, and Apple iTunes. But some people always like to download their favorite movies to keep it for watching later, the best streaming services to download Slow Light online are Vudu, Microsoft Store, Redbox, and DIRECTV.

Movie Details

Genre: AnimationShort


Duration: 11 min




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